Tourmaline – Has the most variety of colour. Black tourmaline protects from negativism, point out a cause of trouble (returns ill-wishing to source so perpetrator learns from it), and indicate a good direction in which to move. Pink tourmaline strengthens your memory and heart, brings love in material realm, sharing of physical pleasure, provides assurance safe to love, inspires trust in love, and confirms acceptable to oneself. Blue tourmaline activates the throat chakra, fortifies your lungs, throat and pituary glands, and also benefits pulmonary and immune systems. Green tourmaline solves psychic problems related to ones’ Father, and cements relationships and evokes harmony and family sense. 碧玺 – 又称愿望石,自身具有微弱的能量,是倾向吸收性的宝石. 因为“碧玺”与“避邪”谐音,常被人们看作是纳福驱邪的主要宝石.

Ammonite 斑彩螺 – 属八运里最旺的,犯太岁者最适合佩戴。

Strawberry Quartz 草莓水晶 – 含有極细针状包体的水晶,能量强烈, 主要功效是改善人际关系,吸引姻缘,加强本身的活力,魅力和亲和力,令人信心倍增。

Citrine 黄水晶 – 常带给人意外之财,做事顺利,对肠胃不佳者有治疗效用。

Moon stone – It is a stone for hoping & wishing. It can be used during radionic analysis. The energies of moonstone are accessible when worn, carried or use as an elixir. 月光石 – 月光石带彩虹光的质素最高,能发迷人魅力,令人温柔体贴,处理事情变得园圆滑,有内涵,思想正面。

Rutilated Quartz 发晶 – 各种不同颜色对应不同輪位,能量强劲,勇猛,是开創事业,增加财富宝石。

Meteorite 天铁 – Meteorite, as a kind of aerolites, is perceived as a rare treasure from the outer space universe. It is a residue of meteor of not totally burnt out while entering the aerospace. Meteorite represents the energy of other worlds and allows for access of this energy by the user. It is used for balancing and aligning the bodies. 天铁是太空陨石的一种,是珍贵稀有的宇宙宝物,它是进入大气层后二未被燃烧盡的流星的殘片。天铁的能量极强,可以用来平衡和協调身体的能量场,使得此空间中,事事平安如意。

Rhodochrosite 菱锰矿 – 是吸引友情,爱情的水晶,也有维持爱情的功效。

Amethyst 紫水晶 – 增进头脑灵活,记忆力,有助于考运。镇定安神,助于入眠,商人也可增加生意缘。

Jade – It is known as a “dream stone” and as a stone of fidelity, bringing realization to ones potential and devotion to ones purpose. It is used to release suppress emotions. 翡翠 – 翡翠是具有”达成愿望”的效果的能量石,因此它是很理想的护身符。

Moldavite 捷克陨石 – 3合1,开心,发财勾避邪。

Kunzite 紫锂辉石 – 高能量的宝石,24小时打通人体七重轮,柔和的磁场可减压,坑仰郁,以及降脾气。

Iolite – It is useful for the simulation of visions and has also been used in shamanic healing cremomices to influence the spirites. It has also been used to simulate a compess, such that one may have knowledge of directions. 堇青石 – 蓝色透明的能量石,可以去除不纯洁的思考,也可以促进心情的转换和指明方向。

Green Phantom 绿幽灵 – 代表好运气,好机会,有贵人相助,被誉为事业财富之神奇水晶。

Larimar – Larimar can stimulate one to release the self constrains in order to facilitate freedo from the bondage of the materielistic world. It assists in procision and forthrightness in activities, facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. 针钠钙石(Pectolite) – 能够促进和平和協调的能量石,可以使感情平衡,平静愤怒,解决纷争,可以消除烦恼,增进思考力。

Elestial Quartz Crystals – It can help to show one the ways available to enable the “going within” ones being. One may access the subconscious self, accepting information to assist one in examination of that which lies behind the reality of the time. 骨干水晶 – 它是具有净化,疗癒到活化大脑等各种能力的完美能量石。当机会来臨时,或是发生变化时,它会为你指导方向。