An Insight into the Benefits of Crystals

It is believed that the use of crystals has many healing benefits. With a rich history dating as far back as thousands of years ago, it is believed to have first been used by the Ancient Egyptians for healing and protection. Throughout the centuries, it has been a presence firmly embedded in many cultures, and in the modern day, the Chinese also have a firm belief in it and its beneficial properties. Although it has not been scientifically proven to actually provide any healing towards the user, proponents of its use argue that it does have a positive impact, as evidenced by how the use has been passed down the years and still remains around today. Likewise, one cannot deny the beauty of crystals, ever aesthetically pleasing and exquisite to the eye.

The modern use of crystals can be referred to as holistic, aiming to improve both the mind and body. For example, the agate crystal is one of the oldest in existence believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the user. It is believed that it also works to increase the self-confidence of its user whilst helping to strike a better physical, mental and emotional balance. The older generation may also believe that it helps boost fertility and works in many ways for pregnant women, such as helping to alleviate uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

It is also presumed that the ammonite crystal is particularly beneficial for people suffering from depression because of its ability to help dispel negative energy whilst transforming them into positive ones. It helps promote stability and order and is believed to help alleviate pains associated with childbirth.

Citrine crystals are similar to that of the agate crystal, primarily helping to bring happiness, attract wealth and success to the user. On the other hand, the amethyst crystal is surmised to be especially strong in healing properties and heightening spiritual awareness. If you suffer from insomnia, the amethyst crystal is an advantageous crystal to use as it works well in improving your sleep.

Among all the different crystals, the clear quartz is believed to be the most powerful healing crystal. It is also one of the stones used widely for protection, increasing positive energy while dispelling the negative. Like its name suggests, it helps promote clarity and calmness. It is also actually a natural form of the compound silicon dioxide.

The garnet crystal is a crystal that most women choose to use because it is mainly directed towards diseases that occur only in women, and promotes femininity and elegance in them. It is symbolic of faith, commitment, love and trust. If you are agitated or stressed, the garnet can likely bring you calm and peace as well, as it is extremely useful for balancing the user’s emotional state. It is also used by some for the purpose of travel, warding off the possible perils.

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