• Agate

Balances yin-yang, harmonizes physical, emotional, mental etheric. Raises consciousness, builds self-confidence. Stabilizes aura, eliminates negativity. Overcomes bitterness of heart, inner anger. Protect against harmful spirits.


  • Amethyst

Powerful healer, protector, enhances psychic abilities, spiritual awareness. Calms mind, enhances mediation, visualization. Protects us from insomnia and unrest.


  • Ammonite

Draws off all negative energies and transform into smooth and positive energy. Able to help to increase stamina and vitality. Able to make one feel better during depression.


  • Blue Topaz

Boosts leadership power and confidence. Soothes, heals, stimulate, recharge and motivate. Promotes truth and forgiveness. Fortifies voice, an outstanding stone for the throat chakra.


  • Citrine

Attracts wealth and success. Brings happiness and generosity. Treats digestive problems, thyroid imbalance and circulation of blood.


  • Clear Quartz

The most powerful healer. Helps concentration, improves memory, generally a protective stone. Energy amplifier; stores, releases, regulates energy.


  • Garnet

Aids in the blood circulation and assimilation. Feminine, elegance and healing properties for women diseases. Energizes, revitalizes; balances energy, brings serenity.


  • Green Phantom

Wealth and career opportunities. Combines the energy of quartz crystals. Recognize the Earth as a living being, and connecting one to soul-level. Cleanse the aura and align chakras.


  • Kunzite

Align 7 chakras, remove obstacles, dispel stress, depression, and suppress anger. Helps to have a better control over our irritability and passions.


  • Kyanite

Energy unlimited stone, align all chakras, dispel Energy blockages and obstacles. Promotes good communication, expression and physic abilities, and increases linear thought.


  • Lapis

Sharpen sixth sense, lower blood pressure and prevent stroke. Create and maintain a strong spiritual connection (assisting in contact with guardian spirits); open third eye. Enhances and brings intuitive and psychic awareness energies to fore.


  • Moldavite

Communication with higher self, extraterrestrials. Happiness, wealth and protection.


  • Peridot

Protect from influence by others, promotes visionary abilities and works against melancholy. Understands destiny, purpose, and helpful to healers. Releases negative patterns, vibrations; promotes clarity, well-being.


  • Rhodochrosite

Attracts friendship, love, strengthen relationship. Selfless love and compassion, improves self-worth, integrates spiritual and material energies. Teaches heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, removes denial.


  • Rutilated Quartz

Heightens energetic impulse of quartz. Strengthens and takes of emotional pressure from the energy flow. Helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and hang-ups; reaches root of problems.


  • Smoky Quartz

Elimination and detoxification at all levels. Relieves fear, tension, stress, anxiety or panic attacks. Brings calmness and positive thoughts. Healing, maintain good health and protection. Slow down ageing process.


  • Sugilite

Ideal stone for people who are highly sensitive as it provides protection within every expect. Attracts healing power for cancer and tumour. Impervious to negativity and disharmony of others. Teaches us to adapt to facts and live with them, and humbleness, self-contentment and increases self-control.


  • Tourmaline

Has the most variety of colour. Black tourmaline protects from negativism, point out a cause of trouble (returns ill-wishing to source so perprtrator learns from it), and indicate a good direction in which to move. Pink tourmaline strengthens your memory and heart, brings love in material realm, sharing of physical pleasure, provides assurance safe to love, inspires trust in love, and confirms acceptable to oneself. Blue tourmaline activates the throat chakra, fortifies your lungs, throat and pituary glands, and also benefits pulmonary and immune systems. Green tourmaline solves psychic problems related to ones’ Father, and cements relationships and evokes harmony and family sense.